Aussie Fitness Influencer Uses Photoshop to Enhance Digital Appearance of Her Skin

Aussie Fitness Influencer Uses Photoshop to Enhance Digital Appearance of Her Skin

Australian fitness influencer Tammy Hembrow admitted that she uses photo-editing tools to optimize how her skin looks on Instagram / Photo by: Shawn Campbell via Flickr


Tammy Hembrow is a fitness influencer from Australia. The mother of two maintains the account handle @tammyhembrow on Instagram.

Hembrow presently boasts more than 10.2 million followers on the popular, Facebook-owned photo and video-sharing website. As one of Australia's most recognizable social media influencers, Hembrow regularly shares pictures of herself which exhibit her toned body in designer clothes and skimpy bikinis.

The social media star recently made a confession on her podcast titled, "Hanging with the Hembrows," which she co-hosts with her sisters Amy and Emily. Hembrow relayed that she uses Photoshop to edit her Instagram photos. 

As she would like her followers to see her skin flawless and smooth, Hembrow, therefore, admitted that she uses photo-editing tools to optimize how her skin looks on Instagram.

Based on the report posted online by, a New Zealand news website, Hembrow cited that she is well-aware of other social media stars who Photoshop their physiques' appearances to display ample curves and tiny waists.

Nonetheless, the Instagram influencer confirmed that she does not use Photoshop to edit her body's figure. Moreover, Hembrow said that she is not one of these Instagram personalities who go overboard by editing their eyebrows and other parts of their bodies to ensure that their social media posts are Instagram-worthy.

Photoshopping images on social media has been a controversial subject this year. Netizens ask how the digitally-modified posts shared online can affect the self-image and mental health of young women.

Editing pictures shared on social media websites has been reckoned as concerning because an increasing number of young female social media users would compare their own bodies to the digitally-altered ones they view on the Internet.

Ariella Nyssa is a well-known influencer from Australia who advocates body positivity. She pointed out that Instagram is surely giving girls distorted notions about magnificence.

Nyssa remarked that these young women would view influencers on Instagram, and then, they would compare these digital personalities' physiques with theirs. She cited that this scenario could mentally disturb plenty of girls because they only get to witness social media influencers' alluring looks online, and not their genuine appearances.