Dublin Computer Lecturer Discusses Advantages AWS Educate Offers in Cloud Computing Education
Wed, January 22, 2020

Dublin Computer Lecturer Discusses Advantages AWS Educate Offers in Cloud Computing Education

AWS Educate is an international initiative of e-Commerce giant Amazon / Photo by: Yu Chun Christopher Wong via Shutterstock 


Fernando Perez Tellez is a computer professor at the Institute of Technology Tallaght (ITT), which is a part of Technological University Dublin. He described today's firms, saying that plenty of them do not employ traditional infrastructure anymore. 

They are using the more cost-effective model of going to the cloud, he added. Furthermore, the ITT computer educator remarked that today's corporate settings use what they require when they need it, and pay only for what they employ, opting for flexible cloud computing models.

Perez Tellez supports the use of Amazon Web Services (AWS) Educate, which is a cloud training project from Amazon. This international initiative of the e-Commerce giant targets providing students and teachers with the essential resources required to expedite cloud computing-related learning, as per its official website.

Perez Tellez said that the AWS program is beneficial for students because they can create an account even if they do not have a credit card. This advantage makes it ideal for learning the foundations and fundamentals of cloud computing, which the learners can later employ when they join the workforce.

Among the program benefits of joining AWS Educate are that students get to obtain access to cloud content, collaboration tools, training, the AWS technology, and the Job Board free of charge.

According to Perez Tellez, the AWS tool is significant to be included in teaching cloud computing. The ITT computer lecturer relayed that they have used AWS Educate as a method to train students, educating them on how to use the authentic web services in the cloud.

Furthermore, depending on their level, Perez Tellez said that students can use their AWS Educate learnings in developing a final-year project.

Universities choose AWS Educate because of the prevalence of AWS technology among today's corporate settings, according to the news published online by Silicon Republic, a leading source for technology, science, and start-up news, information, and resources for people who are passionate about science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

Engaging with the program enables students to get the experience they may need to be able to land jobs in the cloud computing sector after their graduation.